Call for Applications for UNHCR- Sudan Operation Group Two candidates for General Service Positions

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is seeking for qualified candidate to fill the following post:

 Closing Date: 31 Dec 2021


This is an open call for applications for UNHCR Group Two candidates for General Service positions which will cover all profiles e.g ( Administration, Protection, Programme ….. etc). Successfully screened candidates will be given access to apply to internally advertised GS positions with UNHCR Sudan Operation in line with the new Administrative Instructions on Recruitment and Assignment of Locally recruited Staff (RALS) .



What is Group 2?

UNHCR uses candidate groups in the recruitment for General Service positions. Group 2 is a candidate pool consisting of people who fall under the categories below, with one year of continuous or cumulative service in UNHCR/UN in the country of the vacancy.


  • Current locally recruited UNHCR staff members holding a Temporary Appointment
  • Former locally recruited UNHCR staff members who held an indefinite or fixed-term appointment (within 2 years of separation for males and 5 years for females).
  • National United Nations Volunteers currently working for UNHCR.
  • National UNOPS and Individual Contractors currently working for UNHCR.
  • Current UNHCR General Service staff members holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment applying to a position two grades above the staff member’s personal grade.
  • Current UNHCR staff members in the International Professional category holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment.
  • Current UNHCR National Professional Officers holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment.
  • Current locally recruited female staff members from other UN system organizations holding the equivalent of an indefinite or fixed-term appointment.

Group 2 status is valid for three years, during which candidates will be given access to apply for internal UNHCR,Sudan GS vacancies.”


How to get into Group 2:

Interested candidates should submit their general application to this call applications.



Only short listed candidates will be notified.

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

Candidate Assessments may include a written examination followed by a Competency Based Interview.


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