We do not only advertise your vacancies but also provide you with an integrated online recruiting system enables you to manage your own ads and complete the process of recruitment, reports and selection with ease and ensures a high degree of transparency.


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What makes Sudanjob the best choice for our employers?
We are proud (and our customer love ) that we are 100% SUDAN based, we own and operate our system and services which have been developed since 2006 to support the recruiting needs for companies, NGOs and UN in SUDAN.

We developed the HR Recruiting Dashboard with valuable advices from our employer's HR directors and teams, now the dashboard includes a lot of services like sorting, comments, reporting, roster, online panel, screening and more.

What is the Sudanjob
Recruitment Managment System (RMS)?


    Standard + Clear Detail = Best CV

    With our built-in CV template, you will receive one format of candidates details in a standard professional structure.

    We support our great job seekers to fill the main sections which is Education, Experiences, Skills and References.


    Fast + Useful Tools = Best System

    Manage the recruiting process online, for each vacancy you can assist, shortlist, comment and screen each applicant.

    To make it fast we added applications sorting criterias like experience, education and status.


    Transparency + Specialization = Best HR

    The assesment panel help HR department to shortlist applicants online by giving access to other members like departments managers to screen and shortlist and comment on every CV for each vacancy.

    This system support transparency and simplify the recruiting process.


    Organize + Keep Right Candidates = Best Effort

    A roster is a pool of candidates who have already been vetted as viable candidates through any application process.

    Sudanjob Roster tool will make it easy to build your own database.


    Records + Full Reports = Best Recruitment

    For each vacancy you can dowload a recruiting process report in execel, also a vacancy post reports.

    These reports simplify your screening work.

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