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Saferworld is an independent international organisation working to prevent violent conflict and build safer lives. We work with people affected by conflict to improve their safety and sense of security, and conduct wider research and analysis. We use this evidence and learning to improve local, national and international policies and practices that can help build lasting peace. Our priority is people – we believe in a world where everyone can lead peaceful, fulfilling lives, free from fear and insecurity. We work in 12 countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


 Vacancy No: 00
 Section/Unit: Programme, MEL
 Grade Level: Consultant
 Supervisor: MEL Advisor
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Duration: Short Term Consaltancy
 Closing Date: 25 Oct 2021


Saferworld is an independent non-governmental organisation that works to prevent violent conflict and build safer lives. We work with people affected by conflict to improve their safety and sense of security. We work with civil society, local authorities and organisations to encourage and support effective policies and practices through programming, advocacy, research and policy development, and through supporting the actions of others. Saferworld has been working on conflict prevention and peacebuilding issues in Sudan since 2011. With an office in Khartoum, we work in partnership across a number of states in Sudan, including in Khartoum, Darfur, Eastern Sudan, South Kordofan and Blue Nile. With partners, we support women, youth and community groups in their efforts to build peace, and help to provide space and opportunities for civil society to come together to discuss how to further peace and democracy. We also help civil society organisations to raise public awareness of conflict and governance issues and promote debate. Our work with the regional and international community (such as the European Union and the African Union) increases understanding of the complex challenges faced in Sudan. This ensures that projects and approaches to Sudan support Sudanese-led efforts toward peace rather than exacerbate conflict. Project objectives and outcomes Saferworld in partnership with SUDIA is implementing 5-years programme titled Building Constituencies for Peaceful Change in Sudan and is running from December 2016 to November 2021. This programme contributes towards the achievement of the overarching goal of Addressing Root Causes of Conflict (ARC) - to address the political and socioeconomic root causes of armed conflict and instability and irregular migration in Sudan. It primarily focuses on civil society at the local and national levels as proactive participants in improving human security and social cohesion. The programme aims to bridge the divides between groups (including refugees, internally displaced people and host communities) through inclusive local-level action for peace and conflict transformation. By providing communities and civil society with increased capacity and skill to examine critically the local cycles of violence, and implement action plans to address the locally-identified root causes of violence. The programme enables communities and civil society to explore how the drivers of conflict affect communities and provide a base from which these actors can begin to build solidarity and trust on key issues. The programme is being implemented in Khartoum, North and South Darfur; Kassala, Gedaref and Red Sea in Eastern Sudan.

 Duties and responsibilities:


Evaluator(s) role and responsibility

 Prepare a coherent plan for the evaluation, to include methodology, evidence review, further data-collection and analysis, proposed consultation with implementing partners, project staff and primary stakeholders, timetable for fieldwork and reporting, and proposed initial draft and feedback process.

 Conduct a desk review of existing documentation these includes: proposal documents, donor annual and partner reports, outcome harvested, Framework Group reports, learning products, partner micro/small grant proposals and reports, research reports, 5 national-level advocacy strategy document, partners review and feedback reports and etc.

 Design a methodology and tools for data collection for assessment against the agreed key evaluation questions (potentially in collaboration with Somalia ARC evaluation team, see above)

 Organize and facilitate training workshop for data collectors and other evaluation team members (if any) on evaluation implementation, including the evaluation protocol and tools to be used and pilot testing of the tool, and on research ethics and safeguarding for all team members involved in primary data collection

 Develop a clear plan for field visits to collect required data in accordance with the selected methodology.

 Conduct the evaluation in the selected programme locations as per the plan and agreed methodology.

 Collect and analyse available secondary data to triangulate the evaluation findings.

 Based upon a reading of the programme documents, propose any additional topics or issues for analysis in the end of project evaluation.

 Analyse and interpret data to develop a comprehensive evaluation report.

 Share key findings and insights from the evaluation with relevant Saferworld and partners staff through consultations, including a validation and a feedback meeting and reflection session. Deliverables and outputs This end-of evaluation is expected to take place from November 2021 to end of January 2022. Based on the timeline below, the total time required to complete this evaluation is 45-days.



Activity description

Time allocated



Initial briefing meeting with Saferworld Sudan team.

0.5 days

  • Inception report
  • Data collection tool


Desk review of existing programme documents including proposal document, donor annual and partner reports, outcome harvested, Framework Group reports, learning products, partner micro/small grant proposals and reports, research reports, national-level advocacy strategy document, partners review and feedback reports and etc.

5 days


Interviews with Khartoum-based staff. This includes Programme Manager (PM), Grant Manager (virtual), MEL adviser (virtual), MEL coordinator, PAC Coordinator, Framework Coordinator and selected partners staff including SUDIA.

5 days

  • First draft evaluation report




Field visits in Eastern Sudan: interviews and focus group discussions with Saferworld and partners staff, community representatives and relevant stakeholders.

7-days (including travel days)


Field visits in Darfur: interviews and focus group discussions with Saferworld and partners staff, community representatives and relevant stakeholders.

7-days (including travel days)



Writing up evaluation report and submit the first draft report in English.

14 days


Validation workshop: facilitate validation meeting to share key findings and insights from the draft evaluation report with relevant Saferworld and partners staff including SUDIA.

1 day


Incorporate Saferworld and partners feedbacks (both written and from the validation workshop); and submit revised evaluation report.

5 days

  • Revised evaluation report


Reflection session: disseminate key learning including cross-cutting issues, recommendations and feedbacks on overall evaluation process with relevant Saferworld and partners staff.

0.5 days

  • Final evaluation report
  • PowerPoint presentation and
  • Annexes

Management and timing

The end-line evaluation work schedule is outlined above. The overall evaluation process should be completed by the end of January 2022. All the preparation work, including the final inception report and data collection tools should be completed in November and field visit and data collection should be started from the first week of December 2021.


This is provisional and contingent upon the security situations and availability of partners and staff. In the event that Covid-related government restrictions on social mixing and travel render in-person data collection impractical or impossible, it is expected that the consultant(s) will work with Saferworld to devise an appropriate alternative plan involving remote data collection. The consultant(s) must adhere to Saferworld’s security and safety and safeguarding policies, and provide requisite support to any field research assistants engaged through the assignment to ensure that they adhere to the same. Saferworld and partners will support the consultant(s) during the visits with logistics, translation, contextual information and security briefings.


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  • 5 years’ experience of leading evaluations and in designing and administering evaluations of peacebuilding and community security projects in conflict settings;
  • Strong experience and capacity in facilitating qualitative, participatory data collection methods, including FGDs and KIIs, at the community and administrative levels;
  • Practical experience in monitoring and evaluation approaches.
  • Practical experience in Outcome Harvesting (desirable)
  • Experience managing a diverse team and providing capacity building and training support, and ability to mobilise any field research assistants considered necessary to assist with data collection in the project network;
  • Practical knowledge of the OECD DAC Criteria for Evaluating Development Assistance;
  • Ability to manage highly confidential and sensitive information;
  • Experience managing projects in complex and dangerous environments;
  • Experience working in active conflict environments;
  • Experience of producing high-quality, credible reports and facilitating processes for learning from evaluations;
  • Excellent English written and verbal communications skills;
  • Knowledge of Arabic is a bonus;
  • Eligibility to travel to project locations; and
  • Sound knowledge of Sudan is desirable.

Application Process

Saferworld invites expressions of interest from teams or individuals with the required skills and experience.

Saferworld is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced consultancy team or individual with a strong track record in conducting end-of-project evaluations for Addressing Root Causes of Conflict (ARC) programme.


The expression of interest should comprise:

  • An expression of interest (5 pages max)
  • Capacity and experience to meet the requirements of the ToR (short CV for all team members, cover letter and samples of previous work carried out by the lead consultant that are relevant to the assignment).
  • A broad outline of the approach that you would use to review the programme (2-3 pages max), including a description of the team management structure and roles of each team member if applicable
  • Indicative budget (0.5 page) covering daily rate(s) and any other related evaluation costs. Rates should be in USD and inclusive of VAT. 

Please submit completed expressions of interest with all supporting information to jobs@saferworld.org.uk.

The deadline for submission is 25 October, 2021. Your e-mail must have the subject heading indicating Saferworld Sudan ARC programme evaluation. Only selected evaluator(s) will be contacted about the outcome of their applications. 

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