Sudanese Red Crescent Society
 Job type: Full time
 Grade Level: N/A
 Supervisor: Branch Chief Accountant , SLCRCC Project Manager (partially)
 Duty Station: Kassala, Northern State and River Nile
 Duration: 1 year initial contract with possible extension
 Closing Date: 20 June 2021



The Accountant will assist SRCS  State Branch with the financial management of Strengthening Local Communities Resilience to Climate Change in Sudan.

The Accountant will have the overall responsibility of managing the Strengthening Local Communities Resilience to Climate Change Programme including budget control and facilitation of financial procedures.

The Accountant will work under the direct supervision of the project manager in close coordination and collaboration with the Chief Accountant at the branch level.

 Duties and responsibilities:


  1. Manage financial transactions and financial planning for the project in accordance with SRCS financial procedures.
  2. Manage disbursement and receipt of all funds for assigned projects.
  3. Assist in comprehensive budget preparations and cost data; develops clear informative methods and media to present financial data.
  4. Assist in directing the financial forecasting, planning, and budget processes.
  5. Maintain financial policies, guidelines, controls, and reporting procedures. 
  6. Ensure that fiscal and project activities comply with partner financial requirements and SRCS financial guidelines.
  7. Manage the reporting of financial information from all operations.
  8. Ensure that project expenditures are adequately tracked according to the agreed project budget.
  9. Prepare monthly and quarterly financial reports as required by the project partners, ensuring that it is timely, complete and accurate which can ensure an adequate overview of the project expenditures to be shared with SRCS HQ Finance Department.
  10. Ensure proper management of assets and inventory relating to the project.



  1. Financial and Clerical


  1. Record and posts all financial transactions.
  2. Prepare data and assists with the annual audit.
  3. Develops and documents systematic procedures for payroll-related tasks.
  4. Pays bills, handle correspondence, and maintains files.
  5. Prepares financial statements, estimates, summaries, and other financial analyses and financial management reports.
  6. Monitor cash flow and prepare cash flow forecasts.
  7. Provide assistance to the internal and external auditors on project management audits.

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:


  • Bachelor's degree in accounting or equivalent specialized certification.


Experience of:

  • Accounting work, minimum 3 years working experience.
  • Finance role working with grants or contribution agreements from donors
  • Developing and monitoring project budgets and supporting the review and revision of the project budget.


Skills in:

  • Financial project planning and management.
  • Effective verbal communication skills.
  • Computer skills including word processing and advanced Excel skills.


Working Abilities:

  • Work as part of a team in a supportive way.
  • Work under pressure and to strict deadlines.



  • Welling to work long and irregular hours and on public holidays as required.
  • Commitment to the fundamental principles of the RC/RC Movement and to the mission of the Sudanese Red Crescent Society.

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