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Technical Support to Skills Component
International Labour Organization

 Project Title: Sustainable Community-Based Safety-Net Platforms In North Kordufan and White Nile (ILO-CAPISUD)
 Project DC Code: SDN/16/01/BAD
 Section/Unit: EMP/SKILLS and DDG/P
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum with travel to North Kordufan and White Nile state
 Duration: 45 working days (10th June – 31 October 2021)
 Closing Date: 15 June 2021


The CAPISUD project:


The Ministry of Welfare and Social Security (MoWSS) is implementing the CAPISUD project, "BUILDING CAPACITY FOR INCLUSIVE SERVICE DELIVERY" funded by the African Development Bank. The project is managed by a Programme Implementation Unit established inside the Ministry. The ILO is implementing major parts of the programme's third outcome: Sustainable community-based safety-net platforms in North Kordofan and White Nile.


These include the following activities:

  • Develop a Gender Sensitive Safety Net Framework and innovative solutions
  • Carry out and conduct a skills profiling and assess training needs for target population
  • Design a tailored training program suiting the skills profile
  • Develop implementation and financing plans for skills utilization for groups and individuals
  • Create Enabling Business Environment for the trained to practice skills and earn income


In addition to advising the government on designing and implementing a single-window-service for social protection, skills and entrepreneurship services, the project uses the ILO’s Training for Rural Economic Empowerment methodology to foster rural skills training in line with economic opportunities, and to upgrade informal apprenticeship and improve livelihoods and social protection of rural populations.


Training in rural Sudan


In rural areas informal training is widespread in Sudan. In 2014, the ILO conducted research to understand how the traditional system is operating. In particular in localities where TVET centres are absent, informal apprenticeship remains the only viable pathway to acquire skills for an occupation.


In addition to investing in new economic opportunities through the TREE methodology, CAPISUD is using the ILO’s approach to upgrading informal apprenticeship in order to improve the quality of apprenticeships in the informal economy and improve skills acquisition and transitions to formality. In the past years, the ILO conducted a number of stakeholder roundtables and piloted selected interventions to engage small business associations and master craftspersons in improving informal apprenticeship.


The CAPISUD project aims to support the improvement of the (informal) system while upgrading the skills of 1000 ultimate beneficiaries through informal apprenticeship. Where possible, the pre-selected beneficiaries of the project will benefit from interventions, and access to services shall, in the medium to long-term, be provided through a “single window”. The selection of apprenticeship trades is also informed by the TREE economic opportunity assessment reports conducted early in 2018. The following list shows the project target localities and communities in White Nile and North Kordufan states.


ILO CAPISUD Project Result (1) Outputs:

ILO Result 1: Skills of local women and youth are enhanced to improve employability, income generation and their participation to health insurance systems


Output 1.1. Local development committees are established to oversee project implementation


Output 1.2. Local economic development assessments: Opportunities for local economic growth are identified (key products, services, sectors), skills profiled, and training needs evidenced through community-based assessment approaches and value-chain analysis


Output 1.3 Vocational and employability training programmes are designed (or adapted) and implemented on the basis of the above LED assessments, to meet the existing potential for economic growth in key sectors and market niches


Output 1.4 Apprenticeship schemes are available to young people to gain skills on-the-job and facilitate their entry in the labour market


Output 1.5 Post-training support (mentoring and coaching - other than entrepreneurship) is provided to beneficiaries to fulfil their potential in the labour market


Output 1.6 Community-based sensitization programmes are conducted on gender mainstreaming, women empowerment, social protection and environmental protection







Targeted communities in White Nile state



Name of Community
















Gezera Mosran










Showafa Ahamada







Targeted communities in North Kordufan







Umdam Hajahmed


Um Semaima Essuk


Um Garef


Elfarajab Essuk




Ezzeraiga Elgizan



Um Ruwaba






Um Damier




Sidra Elhegaina


Elain Eddobab








Sheraim Mima








West Bara


Um Heglieg


Elhaj Ellyen


Um Saadoon Esharief




Hafir ElAyadeya


Essaatta Shambool




Um Sharo


Abu Zaema




Gebratt Elshakh


Abu hadeed








 Duties and responsibilities:

Objective of the assignment

  • Provide technical support to the vocational training component (CAPISUD project, output 1.3)
  • Support and ensure effective implementation of the apprenticeship component in ILO projects in North Kordofan and White Nile aiming for the enrolment of 1000 apprentices in an upgraded informal apprenticeship scheme leading to recognized certification (CAPISUD project, output 1.4)



The national consultant will work under the overall supervision of the projects’ Chief technical advisors, and the National Project Coordinator and the backstopping Skills Development Specialist.


The ILO will provide all the project documents and other related literature relevant to this task; assist in coordination with relevant stakeholders, review progress of the work and provide feedback as necessary and ensure payment of agreed amounts, based on performance and deliverable assessment(s).

Furthermore, the national consultant will closely work with international consultants hired to support skills-related work in Sudan. He will coordinate the work of other national consultants and ensure effective implementation and teamwork. Deliverables that may be included in the contract are included in each of the below project-specific sections.



Key Deliverables

Key Activities

W. days


Under output 1.3 of the project, the national consultant will:



Supervise the ToTs on the newly developed /upgraded curricula, and compile the final report for the ToTs à (10 days).  

  • Supervising 5 ToTs in 5 occupations developed using the DACUM methodology for KRT, NK and WN states in collaboration with the Supreme Council for Vocational training and Apprenticeship
  • (SCVTA), (5 occupations) à (10 days).



Under output 1.4 of the project, the national consultant will:



Supervise the development of  media materials (videos, pictures, etc.) showing the impact of the intervention

  • Provide technical inputs with regards to media material Supervise identification suitable material for use and work with the media company on developing the needed campaign material (2days)



Implement awareness companies for youth on apprenticeship.

  • Coordinate the implementation of awareness raising events in Khartoum , NK and WN states, at the event (300 participants per each) using social media (Facebook, etc.) to create a group to be an awareness platform for the informal apprenticeship taking into account gender equality (4 days)




Implement Technical training on , OSH, pedagogical & how to start business training sessions

  • Plan and implement relevant technical, OSH, pedagogical & how to start business training sessions taking into account gender equality. 200 MCs , 5 activities in NK and 2 activities in WN , with the support of international consultant (25 days)



Capacity building for the Sudan national and state apprenticeship units

  • Support the international consultant on the Review and update the mission, vision, objectives and organization structure for the Sudan National Apprenticeship Network Unit (NANU)and conduct a training needs assessment (TNA) for the nominated staff taking into account gender equality , Plan and implement a capacity building intervention targeting the staff of the Sudan National Apprenticeship Network Unit taking into account gender equality, Review the documents that was prepared by instructors /MCS in the first NANU /SANU workshop (11 days)



Support NANUS/SANUS ON SKILS testing

  • Establish & strengthen the link between the Chamber of Small industries and the SCVTA (NANU, and SANUs) with regard to skills testing this work is to be supported by the international consultant . (5 days)



Funding mechanism for IAs

  • Develop & maintain sustainable funding mechanism for the upgraded IA (8 days)






The assignment will be conducted in close collaboration with the Ministry of Security and Social Development (MoSD) and BCISD project implementation unit (PIU) in both states.

ILO /CAPISUD is seeking a consultant to carry out the activities planned under this programme in a participatory approach involving the various parties who will have an interest in employment promotion in the target localities and communities. The consultants, will, in coordination with the local state officer of the ILO, create a favourable climate for exchange and constructive decision-making with multiple actors of the localities and communities concerned. The consultant will also present, periodically, the progress and work plan of the TREE Action Programme to the local development committees at state and locality level. The consultant should be available to collaborate with project partners when needed/requested.

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  1. The consultant is expected to work in project target areas and to have a good understanding of community development fieldwork and local cultures & traditions.
  2. It is important that the consultant have a good understanding of women and men’s employment situation and the issues related to it, in order to respond to these effectively and in a practical way.
  3. At least seven years of experience on community dialogue in community development and rural areas, as well as providing analysis and reporting on impact of community awareness campaign.
  4. Expertise on handling variety of training program and workshops for community associations, women and youth is an asset.
  5. Proven expertise in conducting situation analysis, surveys, and assessments in relevant areas.
  6. Experience undertaking similar projects and assignments in Sudan.
  7. Previous expertise with the UN system in Sudan is an advantage;
  8. Proven capacity to produce outputs in the English and Arabic languages.


The bidding consultant should provide Curriculum Vitae, and proven technical expertise.

  • The CVs have to pinpoint relevant past experience in the area, highlight comparative advantages
  • Technical proposal indicating clear work plan , number of days required to conduct the trainings and a list of material needed for the training (to be purchased by ILO)
  • The interested individual consultants are requested to provide a separate financial offer that is deliverable based AND includes ONLY professional fees related to the activity. Number of field mission dates , travel cost and daily allowance , ( activities cost will be managed by ILO)
  • Proposals to be sent in English Language, course outlines could be provided in Arabic language.
  • Font type and size: PLEASE USE FONT GALIBIRI 12 in proposal and reporting.

All of the above to be submitted to the following emails

Applications should be sent to : Julius Mutio at Mutio, Julius  mutio@ilo.org and Mansoor Adam CC adam@ilo.org no later than 15th   June 2021, 4pm Khartoum time.



The successful candidate will have a mix of expertise and qualifications in the focus areas related to this assignment. Evaluation of the suitability of the Consultant to work on this assignment will be made against the following technical criteria:

Evaluation Criteria

Maximum mark

  1. Expertise/Qualification

The individual consultant should have at least three years of experience of training in this area.


At least 5 years demonstrated experience in technical training delivery and designing instructional material for adults.


Conducted training for ILO/UN in similar contexts to Sudan is an asset.


Fluency in Arabic is a must.


Maximum Points


  1. Proposed approach to deliver the ToR’s scope of work

Applicant demonstrates (via submitted technical proposal) their expertise working as a technical trainer. The technical proposal includes a realistic action/work plan.  The evaluation to assess the understanding of scope, objectives and completeness of response.


Quality of the sample report suggests that the applicant(s) possess the required level of knowledge, analytical skill and ability to write the final report of the activies.


Maximum Points


Total for Both Section A (30 Points) and Section B (70 Points)


Minimum Acceptable Score for the Proposal to be considered for financial evaluation.




  • All field deliverables will be in Arabic language. All activities and deliverables will need to comply with the ILO and donor media and communication guidelines. While all reports and documents provided to the ILO will be in English, to facilitate review and feedback by ILO,



The start date of the assignment is upon the signature of the contract. All assignment’s deliverables is expected to be delivered to the satisfaction of the ILO between 15th June to 31st October2021.



The consultant will provide financial offer of daily fees, travel cost and daily living allowance, all other expenses, such as procuring training material, workshop expenses and participants allowances to be provided by ILO.

Payment will be made according to ILO rules and regulations as follows


Payment Table



Upon satisfactory submission of First   progress report, after compiling the deliverables 1 ,2,3  in the table (4) , 20% will be paid

Supervise the ToTs on the newly developed /upgraded curricula, and compile the final report for the ToTs

Supervise the development of  media materials (videos, pictures, etc.) showing the impact of the intervention


Upon satisfactory submission of  progress report, after compiling the deliverables 5,6  in the table (4), 60% will be paid

Capacity building for the Sudan national and state apprenticeship units

Support NANUS/SANUS ON SKILS testing


Upon satisfactory submission of  progress report, after compiling the deliverables 4,7 in the table (4), 20% will be paid

Technical training on , OSH, pedagogical & how to start business training sessions

Funding mechanism for IAs


Mission and travel cost to be paid once it is conducted and invoices presented

To be paid when requested , presenting invoices

Note to Consultants:

  • All CVs submitted should include the Date of Birth and Nationality of the Consultant;
  • Consultant should quote in USD prices and/or using prices calculated using the Official UN Exchange Rates for the country;
  • Consultants should indicate a proposed Start and End Date for completion of the Deliverables requested by the ILO;
  • Candidates should be prepared to submit a copy of their national Passport upon Notification of Award;
  • Candidates planning field visits, movements, and/or DSA travel dates are required to complete the UN BSAFE security-training course upon Notification of Award. Failure to complete the course will prevent the finalization of contracting between the Consultant and the ILO;
  • Professional Fees should include all costs associated with the Activity Deliverable;
  • Consultants are responsible for arranging their own travel arrangements to project sites;
  • Consultants agree to be paid based upon compliance with UN Harmonized DSA rates set for the country;
  • All mission cost days will be paid based upon actual receipts paid by the Consultant and actual travel/mission dates;
  • Consultants are not to add the VAT to their financial offer unless they are a VAT Registered Individual with the Sudanese VAT Authority;
  • Consultants should be aware that all intellectual property rights arising from the contract are vested with the ILO however authorship will be acknowledged by the Organization; and
  • Consultants will bear all charges levied by their own bank in receiving of managing funds transferred by ILO.
  • The applying consultant shall not in any circumstance, be entitled to any payments other than those expressly provided in the proposal and agreed upon.



Deadline: 31 May to 15 June 2021, two weeks from advertising date.

Applications should be in two separate documents, one for technical proposal and the other for the financial offer

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