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Logistic & Procurement Officer
Medical Teams International

Medical Teams International ... We are a global health organization working to provide care to people affected by disaster, conflict and poverty.  Help heal a hurting world today


 Gross SalaryThe Logistics and Procurement Officer is responsible for overseeing that all Logistics and Procurement, Fleet operations and daily operating activities are in line with all related regulations, to facilitate all Medical Teams operations in Sud: 1200 USD
 Work Days& Hours: 40 hours Per Week/Full Time
 Section/Unit: Operations/Support
 Supervisor: Logistics & Procurement Manager
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum, Regular travel to field locations
 Closing Date: 20 August 2022


The Logistics and Procurement Officer is responsible for overseeing that all Logistics and Procurement, Fleet operations and daily operating activities are in line with all related regulations, to facilitate all Medical Teams operations in Sudan.

 Duties and responsibilities:

Strategic and coordination

  • Coordinateall Country level supplychainactivitiesincludingplanning,sourcing, transport,shipping,warehousing,assetmanagement;applydistributioncontroltechniquestooptimizestocklevels.
  • Participateinwritingexpressionsofinterest,projectproposals,developingbudgets,procurementplans,andprojectperformanceanalysisreports.
  • LeadtheinteractionandcoordinationwithSudanLogisticsClusteraroundcargomovement,storage,fuelsupplyandotherareasofserviceprovisiontooperationalareasasrequired.
  • Responsiblefordirectingandmonitoringthedailyimplementationofhead office logisticsandprocurementactivities,withparticularfocus onmedicalsupplychainand fleetmanagement.



  • Responsible to ensure that all logistics and procurement processes are carried out in line with MedicalTeams policy and procedures and in line with government and donor requirements. Specialemphasis being made on storage of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, including cold chainmanagement.
  • Manage procurement process in accordance withMedical Teams policies and procedures in atransparent, accountable, efficient, timely and cost-effective manner, that protects and benefitsMedicalTeamsactivities.
  • Ensure that logistics and procurement paperwork is filed properly and available for audits in hard copyanddigitalformatuploadedinTeams.
  • Be the lead in tender processes as the Secretariate of the Tender committee and ensure that thecommitteeisdullyconstitutedandthecommittee awareof theTenderProcessSOP.
  • Lead the team in supplier and contract management including tracking supplies and managing suppliercontracts, updating database using appropriate due diligence process, and work closely with userdepartmentstoensureeffectiveandefficientimplementation.
  • Supporttimelypaymentsforsuppliersbyensuringallrequireddocumentationissubmittedcompletelyandontime.


Inventory/Stock Management

  • Ensurethatcorrectprocedureareimplementedtoenableaccuratereceivingofgoodswithappropriatetechnicalreviewwherenecessary(adequatecheckingofdeliveriesofgoodsforquality,priceandquantityensuring the correctrecordingofdetailsonrelevant/appropriateforms;GRNs,WaybillorDeliveryNote)
  • Ensurethatcorrectprocedureareinplacetomanagethestocks,includingcoldchainproceduresforpharmaceuticalstobestoredin an adequatelylockedandtemperature-controlledenvironment.
  • Ensurethatalldispatcheshavebeenapprovedandwaybillsissued.
  • EnsureWeeklystockreportsareshared,andmonthlyphysicalstockcountconductedandsubsequently,anyvariancesexplained.
  • EnsurecompliancetoMedical Teams InternationalandDonorapproveddisposalproceduresofassetsandgoods.


Fleet Management

  • Ensureefficientfleetmanagement,includingvehicleallocation,fuelmanagement,andprovidingadequatemonthlyfuelreports.
  • EnsurecompliancetovehiclesafetyrequirementsincompliancewithMedical Teams Internationalsafetystandards.
  • WorkwithLogistics & Procurement Manager toensurethatprogramactivitiesaresupported by providingowned,rentedvehiclesandtransportersasrequired.


Asset and Equipment management

  • EnsureefficientassetmanagementwithanupdatedfiledassetregisterfiledinTeams.
  • Responsibleformanagingday-to-daycommunicationsequipmentandassociatedSIMcards
  • Liaisewithmanagementtoensurethesafeandsmoothequipment managementrequiredtosupportprogramdeliveryandmanagementoffacilities.


Staff Management/Others

  • Workwiththe Logistics & Procurement Manager intheimprovedlogistics and procurement staff capacityaround the implementation ofgroupand individualworkplans, performance plans and othersinlinewithcountryand globalstrategies.
  • Ensures safeguarding of program participants and employees through promoting an environment ofawareness and upholding the code of conduct provisions of Medical Teams’ Protection from SexualExploitation&Abuse,andChild&VulnerableAdultprotectionpoliciesandsexualharassmentpolicies.
  • Otherdutiesasassigned.
  • Utilize volunteers when possible.

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement & Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration,Public Administration or related field is required.
  • Professional certificationis preferable(CIPS,CILT,CPP,CPPM,CDPP,CPDW)


  • Minimum5 years of procurement and logistics management experience,
  • Experience of managing medical supply chain including pharmaceutical procurement and distribution
  • Experience working with a busy and reputable business organization especially International NGO ispreferred.
  • Experience working in the humanitarian health emergency operating context.



  • In-depth knowledge of global supply chain management including procurement,tendering,contracting,clearance,transport,warehousing,distribution,fleetmanagementandassetmanagement
  • Demonstratable understanding and working knowledge of medical supply chain best practices
  • Demonstratedunderstanding and working knowledge ofdonor-specificlogisticsproceduresandgrantrequirements
  • Excellent knowledge of standard logistics procedures and practices.
  • Good understanding of financial and HR procedures.
  • Knowledge of the humanitarian system and principles,


  • Strong interpersonal,influencing and negotiation skills
  • Skilled in managing a budget
  • Skilled in communication and leading a  team
  • Strong computer skills including word processing,spreadsheets,and databases
  • A good command of both written and spoken English and Arabic
  • Skilled in mentoring,training,supportive supervision,and capacity building.
  • Good level of technical skills in IT / Communications / construction or other desired.
  • Excellent analytical, communication, and representative skills.
  • Excellent skills of using Excel skills.



  • Ability to act with integrity and ensure security and appropriate use of assets.
  • Ability to adapt, multitask and deal with stressful situations.
  • Ability to work within and motivate the team.
  • Keeninteresttomentorothers
  • Highlyorganizedwithgoodquantitativeability
  • Abilitytomaintaindetailedrecordswithhighaccuracy
  • AbilitytosupportMEDICAL TEAMS INTERNATIONALCallingandadheretotheMEDICAL TEAMS INTERNATIONALCodeofConduct.

NOTE: The above job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by staff assigned to this job. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of staff in this position. Duties, responsibilities and skills are also subject to change based on the changing needs of the job, department or organization. The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee and is subject to change by Medical Teams International as the requirements of the job change.


How to Apply


Applicants must submit their applications, cover letter, Curriculum Vitae, All qualifications, work certificates, nationality card and birth certificates, 3 reference letters through Sudan JOB website and at HAC.

Hard copy applications must be submitted in sealed envelope.

Application deadline is August 20th/2022.




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