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Finance Manager
United Peace Organization

UPO is Sudanese national organization that has been established in 2009 and working since 2010. UPO seeks to build peace in Sudan through conflict mitigation and reconciliation, inspiring and furnishing the local communities with sufficient and life changing skills to capacitate and empower their living. We see a more peaceful and socio-economically and politically advanced Sudan.

 Vacancy No: UPO-09-2022
 report to: Executive Director
 responsible for: finance seniors officers, cashiers, field officers
 Section/Unit: Finance
 Grade Level: F
 Supervisor: Executive Director
 No. of Post: 5
 Duty Station: Khartoum, with frequent travelling to the field visit
 Duration: one yea-renewable
 Closing Date: 14 August 2022



UPO is Sudanese national organization, which has been established in 2009, and working since 2010. UPO seeks to build peace in Sudan through conflict mitigation and reconciliation, inspiring and furnishing the local communities with sufficient and life changing skills to capacitate and empower their living. We see a more peaceful and socio-economically and politically advanced Sudan.

UPO Darfur program started in 2010 in response to the emergency needs of some 950,000 war-affected communities and host populations in most of the localities in North, South, East and Central Darfur States. In response to the humanitarian needs, The Organization has received more than $US 12.5 million in the last five years and implemented over 120  projects across Darfur region, Gadaref and Khartoum states, UPO’s assistance reached more than 950,000 vulnerable war affect persons in over 89 rural communities and IDPs camps in Darfur states and eastern Sudan.

JOB PURPOSE: The incumbent is a senior management team member, and thus he/she will actively and effectively contribute to the office financing  and strategic planning process.

Assume overall responsibility for managing all aspects of the financial and accountancy activities of UPO.

Ensure that accounting systems are maintained to provide the information required for planning and monitoring and reporting for program operations, for safeguarding assets, discharging liabilities and legal responsibilities. The Finance Manager is responsible for the overall supervision, implementation and administration of the program’s financial and administrative functions as outlined in the main duties.

The incumbent will ensure consistency & harmony in organisation procedures and policies across field offices in Sudan, as well as build capacity of finance department staff and provide guidance and advice to management and programme team.

 Duties and responsibilities:


Payroll preparation and administration

  • Oversee all payroll functions to ensure that employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Negotiate and manage the employee insurance and benefits plans.

Budget preparation

  • Establish guidelines for budget and forecast preparation, and prepare the annual budget in consultation with the  Sudan Country Director and Executive Director.
  • Assist Program Directors and Project Managers with the preparation of budgets for funding applications.

Project management accounting

  • Maintain financial records for each project in a manner that facilitates management reports.
  • Ensure that accurate and timely financial statements are prepared in accordance with contract agreements with funders
  • Provide accurate and timely reporting on the financial activity of individual projects

Information technology

  • Evaluate the need for new technology to meet the organization's financial data processing, control, and reporting requirements
  • Advise on appropriate technology that meets the organization's information requirements and financial resources

Risk management

  • Monitor risk management policies and procedures to ensure that program and organizational risks are minimized
  • Maximize income where possible and appropriate
  • Negotiate with Bank for lines of credit or other financial services as required and appropriate.

Main Duties

  • Manage and directly supervise a team of qualified and experienced staff in Sudan and oversee a total of Seven finance staffs based in the field  
  • Supervise and coach field finance staff and other staff as requested by the Representative; ensure that each member of the finance team has a clear job description and receives regular feedback on performance. Pursue an active policy of capacity building of the local finance staff.
  • Supervise the preparation of all mandatory monthly and yearly accounts including the monthly finance and management reports for the Executive Director of the UPO, ensuring that accounting policies are properly and consistently applied and to submit such accounts in accordance with the deadlines in the UPO Finance Manual. Supervise the preparation of separate financial reports for funding agencies such as the UN and other international tc. in accordance with the terms of the contracts.
  • Prepare cash flow projections in accordance with procedures and manage the cash flow of the country program in order to ensure that sufficient funds are always available. Where required, submit requests for installments of funds from funding agencies in a timely manner, ensuring a reliable cash flow for the program.
  • Responsible for overall control of expenditure against budget for all projects. The Finance Manager will provide to program staff regular and accurate financial reports and analysis to inform timely and cost-effective project management and decision-making.
  • Assist in the preparation of, and verify the accuracy of, budgets for all project proposals, Project Documents (PDs, bilateral applications to institutional donors and any other projects.
  • Ensure the compliance with the UPO Operations Manual, including procedures for electronic data storage, backups, and security.
  • Ensure that purchasing is carried out in accordance with the UPO Procurement Policy including review and improvement of systems as needed.
  • Liaise at the appropriate level with banks, tax authorities and other financial institutions.
  • Co-ordinate the taking out of and the renewal of insurance as required by law for national staff, vehicles, as well as public liability insurance, fire insurance, etc. Prepare and submit to, if applicable, monthly reports on visitors and other persons to be included under the group insurance policies.
  • Assume responsibility for up to date and correct inventories of all project equipment, including the Asset Register.
  • Monitor the payment of salaries and allowances of local staff; ensure the timely payment of taxes, insurance and benefits, and ensure the maintenance of accurate payroll records.
  • Ensure that all staff settle advances and/or loans in line with established policy and procedures and that all accounts are settled at the time of termination of service.
  • Act as contact with external auditors on accounting matters and, in consultation with country director, to make available to them all records required for the purpose of auditing the accounts, including any additional audits for funding agencies. Ensure that internal controls are properly in place, including regular visits to project offices.
  • Work with administrative staff and the Director to ensure smooth office operations and cost savings where possible.

Other duties

As may be assigned by the direct supervisor. At the moment, financial management of our program in South Sudan and Yemen is also being managed from Sudan

Major Challenges

To assure highest standards of financial management and accountability of UPO  and donor policies and international standards.

The applicants are expected to share the core values of our organisation.

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Required Qualifications and Experience

  • Professionally qualified accountant.
  • Significant working experience at management level in humanitarian assistance or development oriented programs within an international environment and preferably with church-related or non-governmental organizations.
  • Knowledge of the reporting requirements of UN and government funding agencies.
  • Strong leadership, conceptual and analytical skills and demonstrated organizational, management and supervisory skills.
  • Knowledge and experience of cooperation with United Nations, governmental agencies and international development cooperation in the field of humanitarian assistance.
  • Team-oriented, flexible and excellent communication skills.
  • Computer skills.

Language Skills

English advanced written and oral skills required

Arabic would be an additional asset

Intersted Candidates must apply through email to career@unitedpeac.org

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