Sudanjob Forum: Gender and Youth Employment Opportunities and Challenges in Sudan
(Career Fair 2020)
By: Salma Mohamed & Omer Ahmed, March 9, 2020

With the objective of providing a learning opportunity for students, recent graduates, qualified women and young professionals about different career prospects and knowledge, a career fair has been organized by The United Nations Office for Project Services UNOPS.

The fair gave a space for UN Agencies, INGOS and private sectors to raise awareness of youth and in particular women on employment issues.

During the event presents the first forum under the title: Gender and Youth Employment Opportunities and Challenges in Sudan. Country Directors, Human recourses officers and managers from UN agencies, INGOs, NGOs and private sector discussed how they support youth in their organizations and giving advices in employment and gender issues.

The forum started by questions raised by Dr. Salma Mohamed from Sudanjob, about the youth employment challenges, and gender awareness in the humanitarian and development field as well as the private sectors.

Mr. Majdi Mukhtar, Country Director of Plant a tree in Sudan (PATIS), told participants to work towards green environment and the importance of volunteerism in Sudan.

Omer Ahmed from Sudanjob, cited the career development path to enhance youth knowledge in the employment field, explaining the four stages (career goals, writing powerful CV, how to be shortlisted and career development)

During the forum, World Food Program WFP HR officer Isatou Ceesayjarra, emphasized WPF's commitment to creating a gender-balanced workforce. She called on females and encouraged them to apply for all open vacancies in WFP as well as to consider careers in Aviation, Security, IT, etc.

"Youth (those who are Fresh Graduates) are welcomed to apply  to World Vision - Sudan Program  internship program that will be advertised in SudanJob website. We encourage those who are interested to go through the assessment session agreed for to be considered for an internship opportunity." said Mona Mohammed, People & Culture Team Leader (Director) from World Vision International.

Furthermore, Osama Yassin, capacity building officer from Action on Disability and Development (ADD International) spoke about how ADD support Disability Activists in Sudan by working with them to make sure disabled people can access jobs, micro-finance and loans to boost their independence and economic wellbeing

At the end of the forum, list of recommendations have been made for improving youth employability and their future career. These recommendations include the following:

  • Encouraging volunteerism and  community services activities among young people

  • Supporting continues career development through online courses, workshops and professional certificates.

  • Providing more internship opportunities from different sectors.

  • Increasing awareness about the requirements that are needed to get a job.

A professional photo shoots conducted by Sudanjob for event attendees (CV Picture)

 A professional photo shoots conducted by Sudanjob for event attendees (CV Picture)